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TangShan SongTai Trading Co.,Ltd

TangShan SongTai Trading Co.,Ltd is located in Lunan District of Tangshan City, Hebei Province. It is a large-scale hardware building materials company,which integrates domestic, international trade, processing customization, warehousing, distribution and logistics. The company mainly operates on steel products and welding materials. Steel products mainly include steel plate, pipe, angle steel, channel steel, I-beam steel, H-shaped steel, wire rod, deformed bar, nails, wire mesh and other varieties. Welding materials products include welding electrodes, solid wire, submerged arc welding wire, flux-cored wire, flux, welding materials for pressure equipment etc. At present, we mainly export to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, and we often supply for large state-owned enterprises of north domestic. We have stable sources of goods, professional service team, from customer orders to customer receipt of goods in every link, we will do the whole process of tracking to ensure that customers receive satisfactory products. We sincerely invite customers

to purchase, we will provide great products, top service!

Industry outstanding
Seiko fine cut
High cost performance
Quality of service

Years of experience and perseverance to produce the best quality products has won us a highly valued reputation in both domestic and international trade. This is our hallmark in quality and supply.

TangShan SongTai Trading Co.,Ltd


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Contact information: office: 86-(0)315-2304136

Domestic business department +86-15227760396/18630786027

Foreign business department +86-15613823186/18332916926

Contact email: clare15613823186@yeah. net


Address: No. 24, unit 1, building 403,

International HardwareBuilding Materials City,

Lunan district,Tangshan city,Hebei Province, China

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